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Just Another Story Ep. 3

I stared at myself in the mirror with the clothes Emily picked out for me. Emily’s house is something I could’ve only dreamed. Her dad works as a VP in a multinational company. Her mom is a dentist and her brother’s a lawyer. She told me that she was managing the office she was working in. She’s indeed from a well-off family. And I can only imagine how the rest of my batchmates were doing.

“What do you say?” She asked in the middle of my daydreaming.
“It’s not for me.”
“What? You don’t like it?”
“I don’t like me.”

I turned away and changed back into my casual clothes and neatly folded the new clothes.

“Then what are you gonna do with those?” She asked in a very soft voice.
“You can have them.”
“Claaaaaiiiiirrrrrreeeeee!” She screamed.

I immediately turned to her.

“You are such a baby!” She shouted.
“What’s wrong with you?” I asked, confused.
“What is wrong with YOU? Were you really like that even in high school? I used to see you so jolly and all, but the more I spend time with you, the more I find out how lousy and boring you are as a person!”

It struck me. She sighed.

“Look, Claire. You’re what, 21? You’re way off the teenage life, you gotta pick yourself up! How do you want to show yourself in the homecoming when you’re trashing your own damn self! You’re like the end of the world!”
“That’s the reason I don’t want to go, Emily.” I told her as I slid down to the floor.
“You can tell me.”
“I… I don’t know.”
“I’m your friend.”
“For now….”
“And you are just gonna let me slip away like what you did to them?”

Did I?

“You’re right. I am a lousy and boring person.”
“And you should stop pitying yourself, it makes you annoying.”

I smiled.

“You know, I used to tell somebody that.”
“Still, he tells me about how darned his life is, like there’s nothing he can do anymore. It got to my nerves so I changed my number to ward him off.”
“I would probably do the same thing to you.”

I looked at her. She’s pretty even without smiling.

“Did your mom give you those braces?”
“Yes, she did. Why?”
“So you didn’t have to pay, right?”
“Of course not. Silly. You need to wear them, too? I could ask mom to have an appointment with you, and I’ll tell her to charge not a single cent.” She said, flashing those neon orange braces.
“Nah. I don’t want to.”
“Don’t worry, Claire. We’re gonna go to the homecoming together. I’m gonna make you the prettiest you can be, and I won’t leave you alone for a second. Okay?”
“Yes! But you really need to build up your confidence. Gee, I didn’t know you were so insecure.”
“But that’s okay. You just have to trust me. I’m your best friend.”

I felt assured.

“So, feeling better, or do you still feel anything bad?”
“I’m hungry.” I said, out of honesty and not sarcasm.
“Yeah, me too. Let’s ransack the kitchen.”

I was like a dumber just looking at whatever stuff she does. I was ignorant of house chores, and I know that I will not make a good wife.

“You got any craving?” She asked.
“I don’t know how to cook.”

She stared at me for a while and chuckled.

“It’s easy. Lemme show you. For a starter, I’ll be teaching you to make carbonara with ham-and-cheese-stuffed chicken fillet. What do you say?”
“Sounds difficult to memorize.”
“Haha. But it’s not difficult to make.”
“And I’m not sure it’s not difficult to like.” I said with a smile, like a kid being taught a new thing.

And that’s pretty much what I was like when we were in their kitchen. While munching in, I thought of how envious I am of Emily. She has everything I had been seeking for. I always thought I was better than anyone else but, as I’m getting older, I find out how much I’ve lagged behind everyone else.

“You should sleep here the night before the homecoming.” Emily said to me.
“Me? Oh no, I don’t do sleepovers. Nakakahiya.”
“Nah, it’ll be fun. I’ll ask my mom to ask your mom.”
“I hope she agrees.”
“Oh come on, you’re no longer a minor.”
“Yea, I know. I keep telling myself that.” I sighed out.

(I have no idea why this is in my drafts folder, but I’ll go on put it up, not that anybody follows this story but oh well. :P)


Welcome me!

Hell-oh Dubaaaaai! πŸ™‚

I’ll be spending the next thirty days here.

So let me enjoy.

Cough and colds, go away!!!!


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Just Another Story Ep. 2

So with all these thoughts clogged in my head, I sent Emily a message.

“Hey Ems, I won’t be ‘coming home’. But we can still have lunch together, right?”

Being a college student, texting after school hours means a reply should come in an instant. But I was waiting for already twelve minutes.

“Tss. I forgot, she’s already working.”

They say that graduation is either the happiest or the saddest moment in your life. But now that we’re finally here, I can honestly say that I can not decipher how I feel tonight.

That could at least have been my opening statement for my speech. But it’s still not good enough.

“Oh, come on, get over it already!” I shouted at myself.

Then my phone rang. Hesitantly, I picked it up.

“Claire! Bakit? Why did you change your mind?”

I don’t remember having made up my mind in the first place.

“Sorry Ems, we’re probably gonna be out of town by then.” I’m quite good at lying.
“No! ‘Wag muna! Can you at least make time? It’s just one night. It’s a farewell party for our principal na rin.”
“Farewell party? Why?”
“Well, you know how old she’s been serving the school. She’s retiring after 37 years.”
“So your friends are all coming?”
“Mostly yes, and we will all be expecting the pilot class to again pioneer this event.”
“I guess the pilot class isn’t so enthusiastic about this at all.”
“What do you mean? Bakit ka ganyan? My friends have talked to most of your classmates and they were all so excited. I don’t understand why the President of the Student Council isn’t supportive, nor cooperative with this! Ang KJ mo!”

I got annoyed.

“Edi kayo na lang ng mga classmates ko magsama-sama!”

Then silence followed.

“I’m sorry. It’s been a hard day, Ems. I didn’t mean to shout.”
“… Text me when your head is clear.”

Then she hung up.

Great, Claire. And you wonder why you don’t have any friends.

I didn’t call nor texted her that night. I didn’t know if it was my pride that hindered me, or my guilt.

The next morning, I didn’t wait for her at the catwalk either. I guess it was guilt. I couldn’t face her.

She called me when she probably realized I wasn’t gonna wait there. I picked up and stayed silent.

“Are you mad at me?” She asked.
“I’m supposed to be the one asking that.”
“Well, I’m not.”
“So, are you?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Nah. Guess I’ll see you tomorrow? We’re still gonna get lunch together, right?”

Then I smiled. It’s not hard to say sorry after all.

Soon after that, everything went back to normal. And the homecoming is imminent.

“What are you gonna wear?”
“Well, I don’t know. Just the usual me, I guess?”
“Yeah, the geek.” She giggled.
“Oo na, ikaw na ang hot chick.” I smiled at her. It’s true, she’s one of the hot girls even my classmates fantasize about.
“Hala, natitibo ka na sakin?” She giggled again. She has really cute dimples by the way, and her braces just makes her even cuter.
“We should go shopping!” She quickly exclaimed.
“I’m not really a fan.”
“I can help you find clothes for the homecoming!”
“I don’t have the money for shopping.”
“Trust me, you don’t have to spend gold to get good clothes.”
“Define gold. Palibhasa rich kid ka e.”
“Ah basta, you’re coming with me!”

We went out on a Saturday morning. We first got lunch before the war of the walks. It’s not that I dislike walking, but it’s that I dislike walking after lunch because I have this hapontukin syndrome that after eating, I just wanna close my eyes and dream. That explains why I’m always asleep during my afternoon classes.

Aside from that, it’s very clear that there are eyes everywhere. Emily’s just a real head turner even in a racerback and jeans. I think it’s her curls that makes her look even more attractive. And I can’t help but think that they wish I was never with her. I can see how their faces change expression when they lay eyes on me. Tsk, why did I choose to be an ugly friend of a good catch.

“Here!” Emily pulled me by the hand into one of the stores.

I looked around. There’s a bunch of ladies’ wear and bags. There’s only five people here, including me, Emily and two employees. Emily was already looking at the hanged clothes. I just watched her. She picked up three pieces of clothing.

“Hey, come here.”

I was like a dog that really came to her. She put a sunny yellow top with lots of buttons on the chest against me.

“The color looks good on you. This would probably make you look thinner because of the narrow cut at the waist. You’ll look elegant yet young. Miss, would you give her her size?” She asked one of the salesladies.
“Yes ma’am.”
“Wait, mamaya na lang sabay-sabay.”

She took a simple black dress next. I thought it was too high cut and showed too much skin.

“I don’t think I can wear that.” I told her.
“You won’t have to. It’s for me.” She winked.

After picking out around four garments, she told the saleslady to help me find my size to try them on. Then she tried on a few clothes herself. And so she chose what she found best for me.

“You’re gonna wear this at the homecoming.” She told me.


Just Another Story Ep. 1

I should’ve made a more memorable speech.

That’s what I thought as I read previous speeches and valedictory addresses from the yearbooks I found.

Everybody said write to express and not to impress. How could I have sucked big time at my one-time chance? I should’ve said things that would’ve left a mark on everyone’s minds, myself included. It’s so disappointing that I don’t even remember my own speech, considering it was for the greatest moment of my life. There’s no second take and I screwed up forever!

“Sayang..” I sighed, closing the last yearbook.
“Oh well. Gotta get back to work.” I said to myself while I picked up my things to walk back into the building.

It was a very hot day. I couldn’t help but sweat profusely, walking under the sun. Seven feet away, there’s the catwalk. Finally, some shade.

It’s just like any other day, actually. Why would they call it a tropical country if it’s supposed to be cold? But today, given that the Philippines is just a little off the equator, I can’t shake off the thought of the effects of global warming and climate change.

“Stop it.” I laughed myself off, thinking I’m being a geek, talking to myself about science shit while walking. I’m becoming more like the people I mock inside my head. You know, the no-social-life-too-busy-reading kind of students. But I know that ain’t me.


That is the shriek of someone who has not seen you for a long time.

“Emily!” I shouted back.

“Uy, tagal na natin di nagkitaaaaaaaa. Where have you been?” She asked, finally dropping the high pitch.
“Here. Where else could I go? I haven’t finished my degree. What are you doing here by the way?”
“Oh, dito ka pala nag-aaral. Well, I work just across the street. I don’t see you walking here very often.” She intrigued, probably thinking I was bluffing.
“Yes, my college is three blocks away. I just passed by here, my first time, really.”
“Haha, you’ve been here for years and you pass here just this once?”
“You know how distant the buildings here are. It’s like a whole subdivision, this school is.”
“Yeah, I guess. Hey, by the way, it was nice seeing you again.”
“You too. See you around. Ingat!”
“Ay, wait. Can I get your number? You know, so that we can go together to the homecoming.”
“What homecoming?” Okay, maybe I really am becoming more like those people.
“Hey now, Ms. President, if there was a high school homecoming, shouldn’t you be the one to know first?”
“I guess not.” I shrugged, giving her that clueless look.
“Oh-kay. Well, there’s this alumni homecoming in our high school before the year ends. I sure think you’re coming.”

How come I’ve never heard of this? Why didn’t anyone inform me? Where are my high school friends? Have I been forgotten?

“Where are your friends?” I asked her. I’m quite sure we were never that close in high school. We were never classmates.
“Some of them have already confirmed. It’s not easy finding lost friends. So let’s just see how many will come. I can’t believe you don’t know about this. Didn’t your classmates tell you?”

What do you think? I thought to myself, just staring blankly at her.

“So… Can I get your number now?”

After the exchange of digits, we went on to our ways.

My friends, huh? I always thought I make friends easily. I never thought I’d lose them just as so.

That night, I turned on my computer to log in to this social networking site. I dropped a few words to some friends, telling them I miss them, asking stuff, trying to cope up. But was I expecting a reply? I don’t know. I don’t know if they know me still anyway.


Sometimes, this idea of actually being depressed just gets pinned in my brain. What if it’s true, that being a loner in a huge institution, with high expectations, can leave one mentally disturbed?

Oh shit, I still have engineering problems to solve. So I turned off the computer and went back to work.

The next morning, I went back to that spot where Emily and I met again. I don’t know why. But, fortunately, she passed by just about the same time she did yesterday.

“So, second time mo na dito?” She smiled.

I smiled back.

“So, what’s up?” She asked.

What was up? Did I come here to wait for her? For what?

“Wala naman. I just wanted to catch up with you.”

I could tell that she was startled. I was too. Yesterday I was thinking that this person and I were never close and now I came here just to see her again. What has gotten into me?

“Haha, oo nga. Well, let’s set a date then. Maybe we can bring our friends too. We never got to talk much in high school. It could be our chance.”

I haven’t seen my friends since high school. What can make them wanna see me now? They get together all the time…without me.

“They’re very busy. But I will try to invite them.” I just made up.
“Great. So, text text na lang?”
“Are you running late?”
“No, I’m an hour early. Why?”

She must probably think I’m weird. I’m starting to think I am too.

“I’m hungry.” What? Was there anything better I could say?
“Haha. There’s a fast food chain just near our office. Wanna get lunch there?”

Eating out for lunch, having chit chat with a new-found friend who’s not from the university, asking and being asked about past relationships… these are all firsts for me.

“Do you wanna be my FB?” She asked.
“FB? Facebook?”
“Haha. No, you know. FuBu?”

Oh shit.

“HAHA! I was just playing. I meant food buddy.”
“You scared me. I almost wanted to walk out and change my phone number.”
“Haha, over. Corny.”

But I wasn’t joking.

“So, I guess this means we’d eat lunch together from here on?”
“Well, if that means we don’t eat here everyday…” and you don’t ever talk to me about that stuff “…then okay.”
“Haha, syempre naman. So, see you friend.”
“Sige, I’ll go back to school na.”

Walking on that catwalk back to my college, I laid a few premonitions of the future. Will I go to that homecoming? What if I find myself out of place? Isn’t it awkward to be alone in a reunion? What do I tell them if they ask me? What will they say about me?

Maybe I shouldn’t go. Maybe they’ll just make fun of me. Imagine the high school salutatorian…the last to have a college degree.


For my readers friends,

This is a one-time opportunity, obligation, whim, or whatever you might want to call it. I will be writing to all those who have made my stay at WP worthwhile, in no particular order.

Salamat sa pagbasa mo dun sa kaisa-isang short story na isinulat ko. Weird kang magsulat, pero hindi pala. Gets mo ba? Anyway, salamat din sa pagdamay mo sakin pag down ako. πŸ™‚

Ikaw na marahil ang may pinaka-creative na website na nakita ko. Hindi ka nakakasawang i-click. You have lots of intergalactic wonders that I have yet to explore. If this were the real world, I’d probably have a crush on you.

Akala ko dati koreano ka. Kasi puro korean ang nasa page mo. Pero nagkaintindihan din naman tayo at nagdamayan sa ibang problema natin. Good luck sa studies…at sa friends. πŸ™‚

You are my first friend here in WP. And though we have not talked for a long while, I will always remember how you stood by me when I needed someone the most. And you listened to things I have not told anyone. So, thank you.

You 27-year old guy who looks younger than me! LOL. You still owe me that music list. Nah. Thank you for making me feel that I am appreciated. You don’t know how much that inbox message meant to me. πŸ™‚

Hey Mia! I hope you are not anymore creeped out by the anonymous person who googles your name. πŸ™‚

Engineer! Hakhak. Hindi ko pa nakikita ang mukha mo, palagi kasing may takip na camera. Hakhak! At sayo yang tawa na yan! Hakhak! Sa pagbalik ko sa Baguio, i-tour mo ko ha?

Ikaw na ang pinaka-adik kay Naruto. Haha. Ni hindi ko man lang nalaman pangalan mo. Basta alam ko Accounting major ka sa FEU at pumasa ka dahil sa pag-aaral mo ng mabuti! Saludo ako sayo!

Ape Rockstar
Hi! I’m carizza! Hehe. I just want to remind you that I like Justin Bieber. LOL. And, you never fail to catch my attention when you write. πŸ™‚ God bless you and your family. And keep Justin Bieber out of reach of your daughter.

Kawaii Heart
You have a very cute, pink blog. And it’s true that Johnny Depp is one hot star. πŸ™‚

I have nothing else to call you but mommy. HAHA. And you are exactly the kind of woman I would have wanted to become. Sexy, confident and convicted. Salamat sa mga words of wisdom mo mommy, especially when I was at the verge of ruining my life. πŸ™‚ I hope Ziggie grows up to be a good man. πŸ™‚

Kuya Wilz
Marami pong salamat sa mga papuring binigay niyo sa akin, at sa paghahambing sa akin sa mga mahuhusay na manunulat. At kung nanaisin niyo, at sa tingin niyo ay makabubuti, maluwag sa kalooban kong binibigay ang aking pahintulot upang maibahagi ang aking akda sa inyong libro. Maraming salamat po.

Teh Lambing
Ikaw ang tinatakbuhan ko noong nagsisimula palang ako magsulat. Ano pa nga ba’t usapang pag-ibig at kabiguan din naman. Haha. Salamat sa pagsisilbi mong inspirasyon sa maraming mambabasa.

Gusto ko talaga ang pangalan na yan, para bang misteryoso. Sayang at ngayon lang kita nakilala, kung noon pa, baka marami pa akong nabasa at naunawaan tungkol sa mga maskara mo.

Miss kaye
Thank you for dropping by my page from time to time, and sharing your thoughts and experiences, too. To honor your advice, I will try to love the supermarkets from here on. :))

Kamusta ka na? Nami-miss ko na ang pagtawa sa mga kabaklaan ng posts mo. πŸ™‚

Where art thou? I miss your photoshopped hair. And your undying love poems. And many of your meaningful posts. But if you are out there, enjoying yourself, continue on.

I still envy your gif images. Sana maging kasing creative mo ako.

Teh! Nakakainis yung horror story mo! Naiimagine ko ang school! Ayoko na lalo magpagabi! Anyway, may date pa tayo sa Chockiss ha?

You are so blessed, and you are a blessing to many people too, including myself. So stay that way, and be happy.

You are one cute girl, and I can see that you have lots of friends. I wish you luck.

Salamat sa pagdaan mo sa page ko ha? Kahit wala ka sa Pinas. πŸ™‚

I hope you are doing well now. I can see you have a lot you’re going through. But I know you will make it. So hang in there, and don’t lose hope.

Hi! I want to thank you for all the informative and eye-opening stuff you’ve posted. I hope you feel comfy in your new home. πŸ™‚

Gusto ko lang sabihin na maraming beses mo na ako napangiti at napaisip sa mga pinagsasasabi mo. Hehe. Palagi akong makikinig sa alingawngaw mo. πŸ™‚

Hey! You’re not so Maldito after all. And you really are sexy. Hehe. I hope you and Barney made up. πŸ˜‰

Hey there! How’s Demi? LOL. I still owe you those plushies. And I won’t forget, don’t worry.

Hey, kamusta ka na? Are you over it? I’m sure you are. Keep busy and enjoy yourself. I hope to hear from you soon.

Unsa man guapa? Hehe. You are undeniably my favorite person in WP. Everytime I go online, I never not click your link. That’s why I feel bad that I haven’t been updated. What do I call myself a stalker for? Well anyway, I hope things between you and the boi work out well. And many other things that cause you distress. πŸ™‚

Lemon Writer
Hello to you all. I have not talked to any of you in a while. But I want to say that your posts are all worth reading, because I wouldn’t link you otherwise. Thank you for being part of my stay in WP.

And to you who’s not anymore reading this, I know you will read this one day, probably years after. But even then, I still want to say that I’m not mad at you, and the last words you told me are forgiven and understood. And still, I thank you for being a part of my life. I hope you are happy, because I know that you’ve done a lot to deserve it.

So everyone, thank you so much for being my friends.


Okay! A new post at last!

Hi guys! How’ve you all been doing? Sorry I haven’t been around lately. πŸ™‚ But I’ll be back anytime after this week, promise. πŸ™‚

So, to catch up with all the kwentos, I’ll tell you much about what I’ve been up to since after April 23.

So basically, April 24 and 25 was rest weekend, and 26th is a Monday which is the day that prohibits us to take the car out. So, I’ma start with the 27th.

April 27, 2010, Tuesday.

I actually don’t remember. Haha. I will get back to this if I remember.
There! I remember. It was the anniversary of my eldest brother and his wife, so we went to Manila to celebrate. I did not take photos, but videos instead, and for this reason I have no inset here.

April 28, 2010, Wednesday.

I know for a fact that it was this day when I was having siesta when I was awakened at around past 3 in the afternoon because of some noise. When I looked outside, it was raining! I even took a video of it. My brother told me I should’ve taken Mass Communication instead, because I was better off a journalist. I wanted to share the video here, but I’m still thinking it out.

April 29, 2010, Thursday.

Road trip day! Lol. Well, we first went to Manila to fetch two of my aunts. We were there noon, so we decided to eat lunch at Retiro, where Original Pares is home to. After which, since my mom is very anxious about me and my brother driving, she had asked a neighbor who was an FX driver to drive us all the way to La Union, where our uncle can meet us.

So, we left Manila at 1, and got to La Union at around 5:30. We joked that if I and my brother had driven, we would arrive at 7. XD So, after eating dinner there, we drove to Baguio. This was so far the scariest trip I’ve had. It was very dark of course, plus it was raining hard that night. What’s scarier is actually seeing falling rocks the size of a car tire, and riding with a driver who can barely take full turns without not going over the other lane! Gee, really, I was so scared that my family is in danger with such driver. 😦 But once we arrived at the city, it was a relief! I’m back to Baguio for the nth time! (I’ve been to Baguio every year since I was in 4th grade, joining delegations and contests.) And it was actually unplanned, because our itinerary was only to Vigan, but my uncle said, we might as well go up there. Ah, still, nothing in Manila compares to the weather in Baguio. We basically just spent the night there, before we drive to Vigan the next morning.

Dad, saying, Dito sa may SM Baguio!

My brother in the hotel room, pointing at the towel shaped like ????

Me, taking a photo of myself through the sink mirror, since I figured I'd be too immersed at taking photos other than myself. Here I am, stalkee! Contented? πŸ˜€

I forgot to mention, we went to a bar before going to bed. Hooray! I'm not anymore virgin to this! πŸ˜€

This is all that we had, mine is the strawberry shake. I don't drink alcohol, remember? πŸ˜›

Red Horse and Clubhouse Sandwich.

I really don't drink, I promise. πŸ˜›

Okay, we're twins! Okay already!

I think I'm cute here. πŸ˜€

Time to get some stuff before the long drive.

The famous lion's head, driving downhill. πŸ™‚

April 30, 2010, Friday

So from La Union, we drove to Vigan. Did I mention I don’t sleep during trips? Well, I usually don’t, especially when it’s my first time to go there. It was actually kind of disappointing for me, leaving the coldness of Baguio to go to the hot north, but still, I wanted to see much. πŸ˜€

So, we got to Vigan at around 7 in the evening and rested at the RF Mancieto hotel which looked very classic that even their airconditioning system is almost obsolete. After unpacking our things and freshening up, we went out to eat at Max’s even when it’s raining hard.

RF Mancieto Mansion, Mena Calle Crisologo, Vigan, Ilocos Sur

An outdated menu from Max's

I failed to take a photo of the arko, so I took this one instead.

Gah, I can only take photos of myself through my reflection. 😦

Me and Manong Jun, the kuchero. We were in karitelas so my photos are unsteady.

We went around Vigan through karitelas. It took us three hours to see the place. I took lots of photos, that many I can not anymore try to put them all here. But I’m uploading them all at FB.

So after all that walking, riding and laughing, we were ready to go back to Manila. My mom wanted to go farther North to Laoag. I wanted too, but I was hesitant because that would only mean more expenditures (my parents paid for everything, including souvenirs of all those who were with us) so I just said that we could go there next year, but maybe take the plane instead. The whole trip from Vigan to La Union, I was only asleep. I was so tired from everything. I did not sleep since the night we were in Baguio. I’m usually namamahay, and scaring myself that if I close my eyes, I might see things the moment I open them. Anyway, we arrived home at past 1 in the morning and I was driving really slow because I know that I’m tired and sleepy.

May 1, 2010, Saturday.

So, once home, I went straight to bed and woke up very late. After taking a bath, I fell asleep again and woke up at 5:30 in the afternoon. Kapoy. >_< And still after so much sleep, I went to bed early. LOL.

May 2, 2010, Sunday.

I woke up at 9 in the morning, so late that we were not able to go to church. We just went to SM Center while I left the car at KidZ for a car wash. Avonni was sooo dirty, from all the mud and dirt at Baguio.

May 3, 2010, Monday.

I woke up with a bad headache. It's a holiday though, so we were able to use the car to go to ParaΓ±aque to deliver a package. My parents went to Marikina to fetch Nanay Pining and take her to MoA. I wanted to go too, but Tita was lazy. Instead, we watched The Fourth Kind. My thanks to CJ here for posting about this earlier. Had I not known that the documentary was made up, I would not have been able to sleep at all. But anyway, there are things that scare me more than aliens do.

And today is May 4, 2010, Tuesday, and I finished writing this and uploading photos in Facebook. We might be watching Ironman 2 later though.

So, this is all I have so far. πŸ™‚


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Busy Week!

Okay, here’s what I’ve been up to this past week.

Monday, April 19, 2010

We went to some resort in Cavite, was it? Only my brother and I plunged into the water. It’s not very great, but the waves are cool. πŸ˜€ But they left me a clogged ear for two days, and a stiff neck that still hurts until now. We ended the trip at SM Southmall to get dinner at Yellow Cab.

The Wave Pool, after the Waves have Died

Tito, Tita, Papa and Mama at YC

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where was I last Tuesday? Hmmm. Oh! Yeah! We went to Gilmore (I think) to get our HP PSC and to take it to the HP Service Center in Makati. This was a stressful driving day for me because one: I was not familiar to the place., two: I was caught up in a heavy traffic, only to find out that I was in the lane that was turning left when I needed to go straight, three: therefore, I had to beat the red light. four: I was almost going to enter a one-way traffic road, five: so I caused traffic just steering the car back. Whew. Once we got to Makati, I demanded that my brother substitute for me which he did after we ate at Razon’s which served good halo-halo that I actually liked it even though I was not a halo-halo fan. Our HP PSC was then taken to be traded in for a new product that was only available to Trinoma and Mall of Asia. So, we headed to MoA, that was nearer our place. After getting our new HP PSC, we ate at Friday’s. I still love Outback. But compensating for the lack of taste is a very, very pogi and mabangong waiter. Gee, I still can’t forget his face. But the good day had turned gloomy when my brother lost our car alarm remote! We were so tensed while eating that we couldn’t finish our meal.

My father, insisting I take a photo of him with the SM Mall of Asia sign

My brother, looking at the Menu at Friday's

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I took Sam to the vet to get his shot. I had taken a video of him, which I uploaded at FB, if you want to see my baby boy. πŸ™‚ Then, I took my mom to SM Center, which she calls her office, to go shopping at the grocery. Is that even called shopping? My brother and I waited for them to finish while eating French Fries from Potato Corner.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where were we… Thursday, Thursday. We were at SM Southmall and bought some clothes and groceries. My brother kept on babbling about my mom being addicted to the Supermarket. We ate dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I forgot the name, I only remember Tempura. And again, while waiting for them, my brother and I waited with Java Chip at Starbucks.

Friday, April 23, 2010

We went to Sta.Rosa, Laguna. My brother and I were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom but we weren’t able to because of the scorching heat of the sun. We practically spent time at our Tita’s house inside their airconditioned room, sleeping. At around 4:30 we left Laguna and drove to Tagaytay to eat. It’s hard to be on convoy, really, especially when I’m after a 40-year professional driver. But it’s always nice to see the view of Taal from above while enjoying the cold winds.

There’s my spent week. I hope there’s more to come. And I’m going to take photos! πŸ™‚


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