Just Another Story Ep. 2

26 Oct

So with all these thoughts clogged in my head, I sent Emily a message.

“Hey Ems, I won’t be ‘coming home’. But we can still have lunch together, right?”

Being a college student, texting after school hours means a reply should come in an instant. But I was waiting for already twelve minutes.

“Tss. I forgot, she’s already working.”

They say that graduation is either the happiest or the saddest moment in your life. But now that we’re finally here, I can honestly say that I can not decipher how I feel tonight.

That could at least have been my opening statement for my speech. But it’s still not good enough.

“Oh, come on, get over it already!” I shouted at myself.

Then my phone rang. Hesitantly, I picked it up.

“Claire! Bakit? Why did you change your mind?”

I don’t remember having made up my mind in the first place.

“Sorry Ems, we’re probably gonna be out of town by then.” I’m quite good at lying.
“No! ‘Wag muna! Can you at least make time? It’s just one night. It’s a farewell party for our principal na rin.”
“Farewell party? Why?”
“Well, you know how old she’s been serving the school. She’s retiring after 37 years.”
“So your friends are all coming?”
“Mostly yes, and we will all be expecting the pilot class to again pioneer this event.”
“I guess the pilot class isn’t so enthusiastic about this at all.”
“What do you mean? Bakit ka ganyan? My friends have talked to most of your classmates and they were all so excited. I don’t understand why the President of the Student Council isn’t supportive, nor cooperative with this! Ang KJ mo!”

I got annoyed.

“Edi kayo na lang ng mga classmates ko magsama-sama!”

Then silence followed.

“I’m sorry. It’s been a hard day, Ems. I didn’t mean to shout.”
“… Text me when your head is clear.”

Then she hung up.

Great, Claire. And you wonder why you don’t have any friends.

I didn’t call nor texted her that night. I didn’t know if it was my pride that hindered me, or my guilt.

The next morning, I didn’t wait for her at the catwalk either. I guess it was guilt. I couldn’t face her.

She called me when she probably realized I wasn’t gonna wait there. I picked up and stayed silent.

“Are you mad at me?” She asked.
“I’m supposed to be the one asking that.”
“Well, I’m not.”
“So, are you?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Nah. Guess I’ll see you tomorrow? We’re still gonna get lunch together, right?”

Then I smiled. It’s not hard to say sorry after all.

Soon after that, everything went back to normal. And the homecoming is imminent.

“What are you gonna wear?”
“Well, I don’t know. Just the usual me, I guess?”
“Yeah, the geek.” She giggled.
“Oo na, ikaw na ang hot chick.” I smiled at her. It’s true, she’s one of the hot girls even my classmates fantasize about.
“Hala, natitibo ka na sakin?” She giggled again. She has really cute dimples by the way, and her braces just makes her even cuter.
“We should go shopping!” She quickly exclaimed.
“I’m not really a fan.”
“I can help you find clothes for the homecoming!”
“I don’t have the money for shopping.”
“Trust me, you don’t have to spend gold to get good clothes.”
“Define gold. Palibhasa rich kid ka e.”
“Ah basta, you’re coming with me!”

We went out on a Saturday morning. We first got lunch before the war of the walks. It’s not that I dislike walking, but it’s that I dislike walking after lunch because I have this hapontukin syndrome that after eating, I just wanna close my eyes and dream. That explains why I’m always asleep during my afternoon classes.

Aside from that, it’s very clear that there are eyes everywhere. Emily’s just a real head turner even in a racerback and jeans. I think it’s her curls that makes her look even more attractive. And I can’t help but think that they wish I was never with her. I can see how their faces change expression when they lay eyes on me. Tsk, why did I choose to be an ugly friend of a good catch.

“Here!” Emily pulled me by the hand into one of the stores.

I looked around. There’s a bunch of ladies’ wear and bags. There’s only five people here, including me, Emily and two employees. Emily was already looking at the hanged clothes. I just watched her. She picked up three pieces of clothing.

“Hey, come here.”

I was like a dog that really came to her. She put a sunny yellow top with lots of buttons on the chest against me.

“The color looks good on you. This would probably make you look thinner because of the narrow cut at the waist. You’ll look elegant yet young. Miss, would you give her her size?” She asked one of the salesladies.
“Yes ma’am.”
“Wait, mamaya na lang sabay-sabay.”

She took a simple black dress next. I thought it was too high cut and showed too much skin.

“I don’t think I can wear that.” I told her.
“You won’t have to. It’s for me.” She winked.

After picking out around four garments, she told the saleslady to help me find my size to try them on. Then she tried on a few clothes herself. And so she chose what she found best for me.

“You’re gonna wear this at the homecoming.” She told me.


8 responses to “Just Another Story Ep. 2

  1. kaye

    December 9, 2010 at 10:01 am

    hay… mahirap nga to distinguish which is fiction and which is real… but I enjoyed this. what’s next? 🙂

    missed dropping by here. been very busy, sorry na.

    • Carizza

      December 13, 2010 at 1:01 pm

      Okay lang, Miss Kaye. Busy din ako much\. :)))

  2. athena

    November 3, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    ang bait nmn ng frend mo.. thats what friends are for…

    • Carizza

      November 4, 2010 at 12:16 pm

      HAHA, well sana lang may friend akong ganyan in real life.

  3. Joyo

    October 29, 2010 at 11:47 pm

    ang sweet ng friend mo… ei umattend ka, minsan lang yan… naku kapag nagtatrabaho ka na mamimiss mo lahat ng yan…. go girl!

    • Carizza

      October 30, 2010 at 4:51 pm

      Na naman? Haha, hindi po ito true to life. HAHA.

      Hindi ko alam kung positive o negative na hindi niyo ma-distinguish yung true story o hindi sa mga post ko.

      HAHA. Nakakatakot tuloy.

  4. Mineas

    October 28, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    … kelangan mabasa ko yung story pagkatapos mong suotin ung mga damit na napili.. for that homecoming…

    • Carizza

      October 30, 2010 at 4:52 pm


      Nag-iisip pa ako. HAHAHA.

      Puro prologue wala akong plot at climax. HAHA.


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