19 Jan

So the day has come. For some overlooked reasons, we thought the flight was tomorrow. But it turns out, that it’s today.

This is the academic year that I missed classes most.

my aunt in a mild stroke
me with dysfunctional walking
fear of boardwork
job fair
and today – my mom’s flight

My brother sent me an online message telling me to try hard not to cry in the airport. I never thought of crying. But I do know that the moment I lose sight of her, tears will stream down my cheeks.

I have too many things to worry about, just like what I said in my past post. But today, she’s all I could ever care for. Maybe this stress will stay for as long as until the mass is finally off. Or maybe this stress will stay for as long as I blame myself for not taking care of her. I would’ve wished to die, not so long ago, for baseless, naive reasons that now do not bother me much anymore. But I figured I have too many plans for my family to just give up.

What am I thinking. How could I still sit down infront of the desktop.

I don’t know. This stress. Distress.

I only want to share myself with you. But not my burden. So if you pray for me, I will be thankful. Even if I may not know you, or even your name.

Please, continue to pray for her.

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Posted by on January 19, 2010 in I'm Dead Serious.


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