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19 Dec

Here are a few of the most common statements I get in a conversation like this:

“Hey, how are you doing? It’s been a while. Where are you studying now?” “I’m good. I’m studying at UP Diliman. How about you?” “UP Diliman? Cool. You must be…

When I found out that I passed the UPCAT, my feet rose seven feet above the ground. That was already a great achievement. I mean, who’s not aware of how bloody the exam was? So if I passed, that must mean I’m part of that very minimal percentage of bright, young students who manage to get into a premier state university. I always thought of myself that way. Then I remember the many exams I already flunked. My performance was so far from the passing score that I was already thinking of dropping the subject and shifting course; but I am not alone. I know a lot of people who experience the same dreads that I do right now, or even worse. So do you still think that ALL UP students are smart? Brain is nothing without work. I believe that there are more diligent people here than the naturally-born intellectual.

Yeah, right. Just because we dress up in our pajamas and shorts, is it enough to say that everyone from this university belongs to the low income bracket? Hah! Everytime I look around, I never miss catching a glimpse of those gadgets that a student here possesses (and must I say flaunts). One has this latest mobile phone model. Another is browsing songs from her brand new mp3 player. Across the street, a fellow freshman parks his BMW. My seatmate tells me about how his European father who is the biggest stockholder of a known company is training him to be the future steward of their own business. Would you look at that? How poor UP students are. How poor.

I must admit that I was hesitant to enter in this school because I fear that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my studies if classes just get bombarded by these students who invite us to take part of their movements. In the end, I realized that it’s not enough grounds for me to let this great opportunity slip away just because of them whom I don’t even know. In fact, most of the people I know here have never participated in any rally at all. Still now, they have no interest in joining mobilizations of activist groups and walking out of classes. Like me, they prefer to sit in the classrooms and take down notes. After all, answers to exams are never in the streets. *However, one is responsible of being aware of the current situation of his country, a true-blooded Isko is known for AWARENESS and PARTICIPATION.

This is the biggest misconception about UP students I’ve ever heard. Yes, we are academic but we never forget that a life without fun is just dull and barren. UP Fair, anyone? Oh come on. A lot of us love to party. It’s what we need after a long week of deadly exams and lengthy papers that have to be submitted early in the morning. Last month we just had a college event. UP never runs out of activities and all of them has at least one association to recreation. We even have all kinds of organizations that allow us to interact with people that may have many or no similarities with our personality at all. If you ask me if there’s any completely nerdy person I know…..there isn’t.

These are some of the superficial impressions about UP students. They are not entirely true, but at least one of the points above is to a student. These impressions will simply reflect how people think of us. I believe they are essential so that we could be able to prove or disprove their generalizations. Whatever they want to think will never be real if we will not live according to it. As for me, I’m proud to be a UP student by blood, not by name.


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3 responses to “From LJ account(02.22.07)

  1. soiebeans

    February 23, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    napatango na lang ako habang nagbabasa nito. nice one!:)

  2. alaehboi

    December 21, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    im just an ordinary boi here…

    • sapphire

      December 23, 2009 at 8:29 pm

      Ordinary girl lang din naman po ako. 🙂


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