A Night of Silence

10 Oct

For an eternal moment of time, my last thoughts kept on resonating in my head.

I hope this won’t end what we have left.

What is it that we have left?

And after some time of silence, I realize… what we have left…. is the end.

To be precise, there is no end to what we have left, because there is nothing more that we have left.

Redundance is not within my phrases and sentences, but it is within my thoughts of believing you. Maybe it is now time, to stop.

Maybe it is now time, to face the truth.

You have chosen the path you are going through right now, and that is the reason why I’m still on the other side of the line. I will always be on the other side. I figured, this is just how everything is supposed to be. Me here, you there, away from each other.

Waiting is not the question.

Seeing you again is not the issue.

What we have left… does not exist. Because what is left is not we… but you and me.

You there, me here.

Away from each other.

As we always were.

And today, I have finally, at long last, given up on my thoughts and hopes.

Finally, I have found the courage to face the truth.

And finally, for the first time in my life, I have breathed out the slightest voice enough to free me….. “I am letting go.”

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