I Can’t Even Think of a Title

06 Dec

Okay. I was never a bookworm ever since. I hated reading as much as I hated solving those differential equations and Laplace transformations that dragged me to another year in college. By this effect, I never became a fan of those talked-about novels and series like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Dan Brown’s books, even Bob Ong’s and all that but in contradiction, I’ve read a few of Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown and Bob Ong books just because they were popular in high school. To avoid being totally left out, I had to at least know some. Then comes the Twilight Saga. An old high school friend asked me last Semestral break, “Mahilig ka pa ba magbasa?”, I asked in return, “Bakit?”, and she asked in return again, “Nabasa mo na ‘yung Twilight?”, and again I asked in return, “‘Yung movie?” and for the last time she asked, “Ha? May movie?” so I finally answered, “Oo.”

I may not be a bookworm but I’m into movies. I just don’t remember how I heard of Twilight as a movie, but I’m guessing from the radio. (I also like to listen to FM or mp3.) Now these books-turned-movies stuff have been around since I was in high school. I remember those HP movies my classmates and I watched and all the time I was asking anyone next to me, “Ano raw? Sino ba yun? Bakit ganun?” and when they’d get irritated they would say, “Basahin mo yung libro.” So I’ll just shut up and watch the seemingly meaningless rest of the movie since I’m trapped at trying to figure out how the story goes. And I’ll realize by the end that I wasted my money on something I never really wanted.

So now that I came to think of it, I started wondering what was in these fictional works that were hooking up people all over the globe. What was so special about witches and wizards and vampires? I can understand how Da Vinci Code became a craze, it was just addictive to decipher those mind-games. But what about those supernatural beings? At the height of Harry Potter’s fame, the portrayer, Daniel Radcliffe became a huge icon, especially for teens. But did the mass really love Harry Potter or Daniel Radcliffe? The same is true for Robert Pattinson – the man behind that vampire, Edward Cullen. Who really is the commodity that’s being patronized?

Well, I don’t know. But I do know why I watched Twilight and it’s not just because I don’t want to be left out in conversations but also because I know that its OST was sung by one of my most loved artists, Paramore. I wouldn’t really watch it if it wasn’t for Hayley Williams, the vocalist who never fails to bewitch me with her unfaked personality. But as I watched it, I was captivated, not by the never-gonna-be-true story about the love between a predator and a prey, but the superficial character – Edward.

A few nights ago I was riding the hell-packed MRT and as I stood there amidst the pushing and hitting passengers I overheard two students from a school I don’t remember and one said, “Basta alam ko ‘yung soulmate ko darating din yan. At gwapo ‘yun. Saka mabuting tao. At higit sa lahat, may magandang puso.” Immediately, I thought of Edward Cullen. Rob wasn’t that good-looking but I know that Stephenie Meyer’s vampire was a bigger bomb. Was he a good person? Technically, “tao” is human, Edward wasn’t, but his family was of the lesser evil. Did he have a good heart? I’m sure you know the answer.

What was really the “catch” in Twilight? It’s about a story that never will happen in real life after all, but I guess even in fiction, the heart is a fragile door that can be penetrated easily, thus, capturing a large audience.

I will admit that there are a few things that melted my heart in the movie. Being a hopeless romantic, some of that stupid, shiny volvo owner’s words seeped through my veins and drained me of my blood.

“I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”

“You are exactly my brand of heroin.”

“So the lion fell in love with the lamb.”

Edward was the perfect lover. He was a man, who had to everyday fight his natural urge to prey on the woman he went vincible over. She was his weakness, that he knew, but he couldn’t take his immortal heart back from her. So maybe that is why girls went gaga over him, not just because of Rob, but because of Edward himself.

And he took me too.

It took all of us who wanted and dreamed of being Bella, to have that someone who would love to watch us sleep, who never would want to leave our side, who would defend us everytime we needed protection, who would love us for his lifetime.

That was all I wanted in the movie, nothing more, not the story, not the characters themselves but a few pickup lines. The next day I figured the things I didn’t like about it, like the fact that Edward doesn’t die. Should I then think that in his 107 years, he has had at least 2 other Bellas or so? How could it even be a good ending, if Ed doesn’t grow old, how excruciating would it be for Bella to be the old woman of a 17-year old? This criticisms would go on forever, and I don’t want to disappoint those Twilight fans so I’ll stop here and stick to that previous paragraph.

Two weeks from now, it’d be Christmas break, and by then I would have finished at least two of the four books by Stephenie Meyer. Maybe after, I would change my view about these books-turned-movies.

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